Why this blog?

I have started this blog to express my own feelings, thoughts, observations, and experiences. I will, most probably, write in both English and Bengali. The posts will range from my take on global and national politics to social and economic issues to my personal philosophies, rants, and my creative writings (the last being mostly in Bengali). My political analyses will mostly focus on Canadian, American, and British domestic and foreign policy, and, inevitably, on the politics in Bangladesh and in the wider South Asian region. This blog will also serve as my personal diary, open to the public, chronicling the times I am passing and the major events I am a witness to. Most of the short commentaries in this blog have been previously posted on Facebook as part of my online activism. Yet others are some of my published/unpublished write-ups amassed here for the purpose of creating an archive. For the time being, this website is not fancy and only a bare minimum venue in order to express my opinions. In time, as my experience and digital sophistication increases, I will add more features to this blog for the convenience of the readers. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and getting feedback from my readers.

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